December 8, 2021

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WATCH: ANTIFA Threaten to Torture and Murder President Trump

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WATCH: Antifa Protesters Threaten to Torture and Murder President Trump

Left-wing protesters, including from the domestic terrorist organization Antifa, called for the torture and assassination of President Trump over the weekend, However, the media focused the majority of its coverage on a small gathering of white supremacists.

Whether it’s a ridiculous group of idiotic white supremacists or the ridiculous violent domestic terrorist organization Antifa, none of this should be tolerated and should be reported and called out.  However, the mainstream media never holds Antifa accountable for their violence or dangerous rhetoric. In fact, they protect them, which simply encourages them and it’s very dangerous as they continue to get worse.

We don’t and should not tolerate death threats, violence, hate, racists, and racism, but the mainstream media is OK with Antifa causing violence, threatening the lives of people and calling for the death of the president as well as police officers.

Chris Cuomo of CNN recently said that if it’s Antifa throwing the punches then it’s OK. Nobody should be throwing punches Chris unless they are defending themselves and in most cases, if not all, Antifa are the ones attacking anyone and everyone. Including as we saw over the weekend journalists and Police. Not to mention they attack anyone that supports President Trump just because they support him.

In the video below, Tucker Carlson also points out that the press “hyperventilated” that there would be large numbers of “hooded Klansmen on horseback” to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

There weren’t.

As Tucker rightfully points out the real “growing crisis is left-wing extremism and violence.” 

“The media pretends it doesn’t exist… [the protesters] are calling for the destruction of the United States,” he said, playing video of protesters chanting “No borders, no wall, no USA at all.”

Tucker also played a tape of several protesters in Washington saying they would personally murder Trump if they met him.

A young white man with blond hair said that he would “murder [Trump] for the people.”

Another extreme left protester, whose face was partially obscured by a cloth, said that he would like to “do him like Qaddafi” — an obvious reference to how the Libyan people dragged Muammar Qaddafi through the streets right before assassinating him.

Tucker Carlson said NBC News did not cover another left-wing protester who assaulted a cameraman and called him a “snitch-a** b***h” in Charlottesville.

“The left did it so it would’ve undermined their storyline,” Carlson said.


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