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CNN Is Obsessed With Silencing Alex Jones

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CNN Is Obsessed With Silencing Alex Jones

Recent pressure from far-left CNN has now prompted Twitter to ban talk show radio host Alex Jones for seven days.

CNN has been on an all-out attack on Alex Jones and Infowars, publishing article after article about how he should be deplatformed from every website and social media site known to exist. I’m sure after they are done with that they will be bashing out articles on how he should be removed from planet Earth.

CNN has gone beyond just reporting about Alex Jones. It’s become an obsession, a vendetta, a mission to destroy him.

You don’t have to agree or even like Alex Jones to know this is crazy. I certainly don’t agree with everything he says or does. I don’t often watch his show. I see clips and sometimes I cringe, sometimes I agree. But what I don’t like and don’t agree with I scroll by, because I’m a big boy that has the ability to not get triggered. I also believe everyone has a right to say what they want and everyone has a right to challenge one another.

But that’s me, I’m not CNN.

To truly understand who Alex Jones is I would recommend going on YouTube and searching for Joe Rogan explaining who and what Alex is all about. I believe he lays it all out perfectly and knows him very well.

CNN has clearly gone insane over Alex Jones. Take a look at all this:

CNN has become Alex Jones’ psycho stalker, they want him gone and they will stop at nothing to until it happens.

Now don’t get me wrong, Alex Jones has spread some far-out conspiracy theories. But he’s also back-tracked on them as well (at least he has unlike CNN) and he’s also been right on the money with a lot of things. It’s up to you to decide which is which, You’re an adult, I’m sure you can handle it.

He’s kind of like a mainstream Coast to Coast and no-one tries to deplatform that show.

Why? because you know what you’re getting with both of those websites/shows. Alex Jones has been Alex Jones for over 20 years, nothing has changed. So what’s with the obsession now? why is far-left CNN so concerned about him now? why are they trying to silence him now?

CNN has what I call the “you should” attitude when it comes to their reporting. Everything they produce on their T.V shows and websites has that condescending tone of “you should.”

They want you to think how they want you to, they want you to only listen to them, they want you to vote for who THEY want you to. If CNN says jump, you must jump or they will bully you.

One only has to look at every article and show they produce to see that.

Now they have the big tech companies jumping which is a scary situation. If they can get Alex Jones deplatformed, then they can have anyone deplatformed.

To put it plainly, CNN is that kid in the playground that can cry on cue and make a loud noise until finally the teacher gives in and does what they say.

CNN bully, lie and talk down to everyone while at the same time act like the moral compass of the world. If you think for one second CNN doesn’t spread dangerous rhetoric and conspiracy theories then you haven’t been paying attention. To the left, I ask you this, how many times has CNN reported on something only for it to be debunked? how many times have they got your hopes up only to disappoint you? 

So should CNN be deplatformed or shutdown for spreading conspiracy theories and lies? No. Nor should Alex Jones.


Because just like I mentioned before, you know what you’re getting when you listen to either. Whether you believe one or the other or just listen to either one of them for pure entertainment purposes, you have the freedom and the right to challenge them, ignore them, even block them.

But to bully someone off social media or anywhere is just plain childish and only shows you aren’t mature enough to handle the internet.

2 thoughts on “CNN Is Obsessed With Silencing Alex Jones

  1. They will not shut Alex down and Alex has far more viewers. CNN will go first.

  2. Alex Jones will survive thanks to his grassroots core; CNN heeds its government and foreign state financiers and when they have had enough, CNN will disappear.

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