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A First Look At The New Upcoming ‘Trump’s Space Force’ Comic Book

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A brilliant new comic book about President Trump’s Space Force is soon to be released and has already raised 300% of its original funding goal.

Artist Brett R. Smith, who also worked on the very popular novel Clinton Cash as well as the children’s book Thump: The First Bundred Days, Told The Gateway Pundit what fans can expect from his exciting new venture.

“Trump’s Space Force will be a 40-page high octane, kinetic thrill ride blending over-the-top science fiction action adventure with political satire and humor.

It is heavily influenced by some of our favorite sci-fi movies like Independence Day, Aliens, Starship Troopers and also has some classic 80’s anime influences like Robotech and Starblazers.

The story involves a malevolent threat from beyond the stars which has infiltrated the upper echelons of world governments.

Their purpose: to prepare Earth for invasion. President Trump & the United States Space Force get word of this threat and they take action to combat the threat head on.”

The ‘Trump’s Space Force’ campaign has had massive success, and has had a huge response from Donald Trump Jr. who mentioned it on Twitter, which Smith described as a “great honor.”

“It’s really something special when you have the President’s son give support to a project like this,” Smith said.

Donald Trump Jr. will have a cameo in the ‘Trump’s Space Force’ comic along with Cassandra Fairbanks, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Newt Gingrich, Scott Adams, Charles Payne, Alex Jones, Terry Schappert, Lisa DePasquale, Martina Markota, Jack Posobiec and many others.

WATCH: The Trailer for Trump’s Space Force: a 40 + page comic by legendary writer Chuck Dixon, veteran colorist Brett R Smith, illustrator Timothy Lim, cover artist Dave Dorman, and with special thanks to script additions to Red Rooster scribe Mark Pellegrini.

Smith explained that with the Trump’s Space Force comic, they wanted to produce something just for Trump voters, “because that audience wants to be entertained and have a good time like everyone else.” With the culture war raging, he pointed out that we need to have some culture to offer, not just policy ideas.

“Its like Michael Jordan famously said, ‘Republicans buy sneakers too.’ Also with the Space Force being a real new branch of the military it seemed like a great opportunity to work with Chuck Dixon, Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini again and do some fun sci-fi action adventure laced with political satire and parody,” Smith said.

“And to a larger point you can fight a Culture War if you don’t produce culture of your own. The Right seems to forget that and spends most of their time on policy and that has to stop if we want to connect with young people and win the Culture War.”

As many comic book fans have noticed and complained about, The Marvel Universe has gone full steam ahead into the Social Justice Warrior genre. Cassandra Fairbanks from Gateway Pundit asked Smith if he thought this has helped to create a bigger market for comics geared towards the right.

“Absolutely,” Smith said. “This all ties into the underserved audience I mentioned before. With so much of entertainment like movies, tv and even comics ignoring and abandoning not only the Trump voters but also nearly all of middle America in trade for what they would call a more ‘diverse’ audience which skews Left and serves the SJW agenda they leave a giant vacuum within entertainment.

Someone needs to fill that vacuum and produce content for this underserved audience and produce content catered specifically for them. I first saw this audience with Clinton Cash Graphic Novel, then again with Thump, again within the Comicsgate movement with books like Jawbreakers and now again with Trump’s Space Force.

This is a large audience who are starving for entertainment and they have money to spend if the entertainment is authentic, promotes Western Culture and Western Values and is equal to or greater than what the Left would produce as far as quality.”

There is still time left to donate to their funding campaign, where fans can also grab some really cool merch perks for helping to finance the project.

Trump’s Space Force Comic is created, written and designed by the following fine people:

Writer: Chuck Dixon (Creator of Bane)

Art: Timothy Lim (My Hero MAGAdemia)

Colors: Brett Smith (Clinton Cash)

Cover: Dave Dorman (Star Wars)

Added Script: Mark Pellegrini (Red Rooster)

Article Source: Cassandra Fairbanks

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