June 25, 2022

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American man arrested after going on ridiculous violent racist tirade in Uganda

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Jimmy Taylor who’s reported to be an American missionary was arrested by police in Uganda after going on a violent racist tirade and attacking hotel workers.

Taylor used racial epithets and slurs and accused them of disgracing Jesus.

Video of Taylor’s ridiculous tirade and attack against the staff lasted several minutes.

“You hate Jesus? You hate yourself?” Taylor said, before punching an employee in the face.

“I’ll f—king knock your f–king life out,” Taylor said. “No, no, no, you obey what I say, I don’t obey you. You understand?”

He swung at a man, calling him a “bitch,” the N-word and then said the man was “not a human.”

Police in Uganda Posted His Arrest to Twitter and Thanked the Community for Bringing the Video to Light:

Uganda Police said Taylor did not come along quietly.

According to two different reports, Taylor “turned violent on police and reportedly tried to disarm the officers who later arrested him,” one report read.

“Upon police efforts to effect his arrest, Taylor spat on officers, turned rowdy, uncontrollable and tried to disarm policemen,” it was reported police said.

Taylor also was reported to have confessed but said he has a mental illness triggered by stress: “During the questioning, the American national confessed to having attacked the victim.

He claimed an illness caused him to suffer stress that drove him to attack the hotel staff.”

Taylor, who claims he is a former Marine, has been detained at Central Police Station Kampala on “charges of assault and malicious damage as investigations are ongoing,” officials said.

Image credit: Heir To The Throne@ibreatheflames via Twitter

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