December 8, 2021

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Corey Feldman Has Finished His Documentary Exposing Sexual Abuse In Hollywood

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Corey Feldman Has Finished His Documentary Exposing Sexual Abuse In Hollywood

Corey Feldman has given an update about his highly anticipated documentary into exposing sexual abuse in Hollywood, and now after a year of waiting while dealing with crowdfunding issues, it’s finally about to drop.

Corey Feldman released a video Wednesday announcing he had wrapped up production on the documentary that he began just after the first allegations against sleazeball Harvey Weinstein surfaced.

At the time, Feldman exposed the existence of a “pedophile ring” that he said preyed on young children in Hollywood, including himself when he was a child actor.

Broadcasting from “an undisclosed location,” Feldman says despite fearing for his safety throughout the process, his fans came together and raised around $300,000 of his $1 million funding goal for a full-length feature documentary film wherein he names the abusers will be exposed.

The Goonies star said the drama created legal problems and restraining orders, and that due to unforeseen costs, he used up nearly all of the $300,000 he had initially raised.

However, Corey Feldman says he had a backup plan. He booked a reality television gig and self-funded the now-completed documentary.

It’s unclear though when he will release the movie. But you can sign up here for when it’s released:

Image Credit: Louise Palanker

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