October 18, 2021

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South African EFF leader Julius Malema responds to President Trump: “It’s a war!”

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South African EFF leader Julius Malema responds to president Trump

On Wednesday, President Trump announced that the US would “closely study” reports of massive seizures of land from white farmers in South Africa.

Malema responded by saying the country had a deep history of oppression and inequality and the answer to this was land reform.

“We want to send a strong message to the USA authorities, just like we did to the Australian authorities, stay out of South Africa’s domestic affairs.

“South Africa is a post-colonial country ceased with deep racial inequalities that were long designed by apartheid and colonization. Our land expropriation programme seeks to realize the ideal of equality and human dignity,” said Malema.

Malema went onto say “It’s a war,” 

“We must be prepared for Donald Trump and all of them,” he added.

South African EFF leader then went onto say that there is no white genocide in South Africa but made a bizarre claim that there is black genocide happening in America.

However, numerous reports coming out of South Africa dispute his claim that no harm is coming to white farmers, as seen in this witness account:

Here’s Southern’s documentary on what is going on in South Africa which is worth checking out:

Meanwhile, here’s Malema singing “Kill the Boer [farmer]” at Africa Day:

And here’s Julius Malema talking about taking back land, to be fair he does say peacefully and that he personally is not calling for the slaughter of white people. But then he does add…at least not for now.

Whether he means it or not, That’s some scary and dangerous rhetoric.

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