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SHOCK VIDEO: 4 reported dead, multiple injured in mass shooting at Madden Tournament

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SHOCK VIDEO 4 reported dead, at least 9 injured in mass shooting at Madden Tournament

Four people are reported dead after a shooting at a Madden video game tournament held in an outdoor mall in downtown Jacksonville, according to local authorities.

One suspect is dead at the scene, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office tweeted, and investigators said that “no outstanding suspects” remains, and noted a suspect was found dead at the scene.

The sheriff’s office added that “many” victims have been transported for medical treatment after the shooting at the Madden Tournament at Jacksonville Landing, a waterfront complex along the St. Johns River.

Randy Wyse, president of the firefighters union, said Engine Company 1 was training in the area and victims began running up to them before they received the emergency call. He said victims ran as far as the CSX building, about a half mile away to get help.

The wounded victims have been taken to Memorial Hospital, where three victims were in stable condition, and UF Health Medical Center, where one person with serious injuries and five more in good condition.

One witness at the gaming event told Fox News that someone who was competing in the Madden Tournament lost and “went crazy and started shooting up the room.” However, police have not confirmed a possible motive, nor have they released the name of a suspect. Several gunshots can be heard on the audio of the livestream of the tournament.

Viewer discretion is advised:

A woman who said her son was inside at the time of Madden Tournament said he was in the room when a man pulled a gun and started shooting.

“It’s scary that you could be having a good time and someone just starts shooting,” she said.

The councilman who represents the district in which the shooting happened said he came to the scene as soon as he heard the terrible news.

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