December 8, 2021

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VIDEO: Two women brawl at Waffle House over who will wash dishes

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Two women brawl at Waffle House over who will wash dishes

Two Waffle House employees got into a brawl after fighting over who was going to do the dishes. (Video Below).

The two women were filmed on camera screaming and hitting each other in front of customers at the Waffle House in Memphis, Tennessee.

At one stage one of the women grabbed the woman’s hair and refused to let go as other workers tried to pull them apart.

Memphis Police confirmed they were called to the fast-food chain on Sunday at 7 am over allegations of an assault.

When police arrived on the scene at the Waffle House the manager told officers that two employees got into an argument over washing dishes.

According to a report from Fox 13 Memphis, the alleged victim seen with the longer hair – was not on the clock.

When she refused to take orders from her co-worker she turned her back on her and walked away.

That’s when the other woman is seen in the video shoving her in the back of her head, prompting her to spin around and launching her own attack and hits the woman repeatedly in the face as other staff tries their hardest to pull them apart.

The woman with the longest hair then grabs the other woman’s hair and refuses to let go, repeatedly calling her a “b****”.

They are eventually separated, but the woman who had her hair pulled was still very much upset, screaming at her: “I’m going to beat your motherf***ing ass. Don’t you ever hold me.”

Video from the fight was posted on Facebook by Eric Cole. (seen Below)

They both claim the other woman hit them first. Police have not said if charges have been filed.

A spokesman for Waffle House refused to confirm if either of the women has been fired, saying: “The manager handled the situation immediately.”

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