December 8, 2021

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Wikileaks Consultant And Associate Of Julian Assange Reported As Missing In Norway

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Associate of Julian Assange

Cybersecurity expert Arjen Kamphuis, an associate of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, has been reported as missing in Norway.

Arjen Kamphuis was last seen in northern Norway on August 20th.

The news was confirmed by Wikileaks on Sunday, that Kamphuis was last seen on August 20th, when he left his hotel in the Norwegian town of Bodø.

The next day, WikiLeaks tweeted an update, “Update on the strange disappearance of @ArjenKamphuis. Arjen left his hotel in Bodø on August 20. He had a ticket flying out of Trondheim on August 22. The train between the two takes ~10 hours, suggesting that he disappeared in within hours in Bodø, Trondheim or on the train.”

“A website set up to gather information on the missing person says: “He is 47 years old, 1.78 meters tall and has a normal posture. He was usually dressed in black and carrying his black backpack. He is an avid hiker.”

According to reports, there have been two unconfirmed ‘possible’ sightings, one was in Alesund, Norway, and the other was said to be in Ribe, Denmark,” reported the German website

Norwegian authorities started an investigation into the mysterious disappearance on Sunday.

“We have started an investigation,” police spokesman Tommy Bech told the French news agency AFP. At the time, the police “would not speculate about what may have happened to him.”

The story is still developing.

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