December 8, 2021

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Eyewitness saw ‘protesters’ being paid and instructed how to protest Kavanaugh

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Eyewitnesses saw 'protestors' being instructed and paid to protest Kavanaugh

Not only were the Democrats in the Senate organized, the protestors who overran the public ticket line were also organized. The demonstrators were PAID “With a Literal Bag of Cash” by anti-Trump groups as eyewitnesses can account for.

A video has now gone viral via social media uncovering some disturbing claims about yesterdays protest at the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.

The witnesses paint a very clear picture of a very organized effort to disrupt the official hearing.

After watching this video and seeing the countless interruptions via screaming protesters, shouting disgusting profanities in the presence of Kavanaugh’s young children designed to disrupt a process that is a done deal, it really shows how far the Democratic party will go.


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