October 18, 2021

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Twitter informed mainstream media of Alex Jones banning before they did it

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Twitter informed mainstream media of Alex Jones banning before they did it

It very clear that Twitter informed mainstream media outlets that they were going to ban Alex Jones before they actually did it and announced it.

CNN have been at the forefront of the campaign to have radio host Alex Jones and his outlet InfoWars deplatformed from any social media network they can.

For some reason, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have bowed down to the likes of CNN who act like the moral compass of the world.

The truth is CNN are not only very well known for spreading fake news, they bullying anyone that questions them, they also spread a lot of conspiracy theories and dangerous rhetoric it’s amazing that they themselves haven’t been deplatformed.

However, we now know why that is.

It’s simple.

They have been colluding with very same big social networks and companies that Alex Jones has been banned from.

You don’t have to be an Alex Jones or Infowars fan to know this is just plain wrong

Some are calling this just another conspiracy theory. However, all one has to do is look at the evidence below to see this is all real.

Infowars contributor Paul Joseph Watson told the Gateway Pundit:

“Since February this year, CNN’s Oliver Darcy, BuzzFeed and others have lobbied Big Tech to shut down Infowars on every platform. They complied. The fact that corporate media were all tipped off in advance that their competition was about to be shut down once again proves collusion and illustrates how this is all being coordinated and isn’t merely just enforcement of ‘terms of service.” 

“Silicon Valley and the mainstream media are working hand in hand to silence competing voices. This is clearly harmful to the very spirit of the First Amendment and must be stopped now. Social media is the public square. It’s time it was legally treated that way,” Watson added.

Doesn’t seem so crazy anymore does it?

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