May 21, 2022

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Donald Trump’s Star Has Been Returned To Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Donald Trump’s Star Been Returned To Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Donald Trump’s star has returned to the Hollywood Walk of Fame as of this Saturday.

Trump’s star was vandalized and damaged a couple of times — first in 2016, and then most recently in July. In both instances, the stars were destroyed by pick axes or sledgehammers. Several large fights also broke out at the location between Trump supporters and anti-Trumpers.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the people who administer the star, issued the following statement.

“Any star, which is vandalized or destroyed, no matter which honoree it belongs to will be replaced by the Hollywood Historic Trust, a non-profit, non-partisan group. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a historic landmark which celebrates the professional contributions of the inductees. The stars once installed, are considered part of the historic fabric of the Walk,” said Leron Gubler, President/CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Gubler added, “When people are angry with one of our honorees, we would hope that they would project their anger in more positive ways than to vandalize a California State landmark. Our democracy is based on respect for the law. People can make a real difference by voting and not destroying public property.”

Last month marked the first eight stars were installed on the Walk of Fame 60 years ago

More than 10 million people visit the stars annually. More than 2,600 stars adorn the 15 blocks of the Walk on Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks on Vine.

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