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Nicki Minaj Decides She Won’t Press Charges Against Cardi B

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Nicki Minaj Decides She Won't Press Charges Against Cardi B

Nicki Minaj won’t press charges against Cardi B, according to reports.

Sources close to Minaj told TMZ that as Nicki Minaj and her bodyguards were not injured when Cardi B attacked her on Friday during a star-studded New York Fashion Week party, she doesn’t feel a need to file a police report.

An insider close to Minaj shared that the rapper was unbothered by the altercation with Cardi B and doesn’t want the drama to escalate any further, according to TMZ.

An NYPD Public Information Officer confirmed to on Saturday that “at this point in time we don’t have a complaint on either side.” Police previously confirmed to PEOPLE that no arrests had been made following the altercation.

A source told PEOPLE that before the fight it initially looked like the pair “might hug it out” before “it all went down.”

Cardi B walked towards Nicki Minaj and all of a sudden Cardi started screaming something about her child. Cardi B was yelling, ‘Bitch you feisty. Bitch don’t talk s— about my child’ at Nicki,” the source continued.

The source went on to tell PEOPLE that Cardi B “threw her shoe because she couldn’t get through” to Minaj, who “was there with eight or nine bodyguards.”

As for the bump on Cardi B’s head, the source isn’t sure what exactly happened, but they’re confident that Nicki Minaj was not responsible for the injury.

“Nothing seemed to start the fight other than Cardi seeing Nicki up close,” the eyewitness added. “It definitely seems to stem from deeply rooted issues.”

Immediately following the fight, Cardi B was escorted out by security while Minaj stayed inside, another source previously told PEOPLE.

“She left barefoot with her dress ripped and butt out,” the source added.

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