August 13, 2022

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Tom Arnold is lying about his encounter with Mark Burnett

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Tom Arnold is lying about his encounter with Mark Burnett

Just hours before unhinged attention seeker Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett got into a fight Sunday night at a pre-Emmy party, Arnold made it very clear in an interview with Salon he was going to confront Burnett and was “definitely going to do something at the Emmys.”


Then just as planned Tom Arnold started a fight with Mark Burnett Sunday night as both entered the Evening Before party in Century City. Two eyewitnesses confirm Arnold was the instigator.



Burnett’s wife, Roma Downey, has also come forward saying Arnold “tried to ambush” her and Mark. She says Arnold hurt her and she posted a pic of a bruise on her hand.

Tom Arnold the next day went to the West L.A. division of the LAPD on Monday morning and clearly filed a false report for battery twisting the incident to his favor.

I guess the drugs have affected Arnold’s memory or he knows he’s flat out lying.

It’s probably safe to say that this is just Arnold’s usual shtick of starting trouble and lying for attention. This isn’t the first time Tom has been caught out lying.

Arnold has targeted Burnett for months on and off social media. He’s called him names, smeared him and made numerous falsehood against Burnett.

Now he’s taken it a step further openly said he was going to confront Mark, ”definitely going to do something” and then proceeded to start a fight with Burnett then lied about it.

Clearly, the confrontation at Evening Before was planned by Tom Arnold.

Now watch him milk it to promote his new show.

Nice poster boy you have there viceland.

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