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High-Ranking Mental Health Official Arrested On Child Exploitation Charges

High-Ranking Mental Health Official Arrested On Child Exploitation Charges

A high-ranking official in the state’s Office of Mental Health was arrested by town police on charges connected to the exploitation of children.

John Allen who is a special assistant to Commissioner Ann M. Sullivan is currently being held at the Albany County jail on 29 counts of child endangerment, a misdemeanor.

An official familiar with the case said John Allen would lure teenagers into his home and among other things ask them to wear diapers.

6-year-old Allen was arrested by Coeymans police and arraigned Wednesday morning. He is being held on $10,000 bail, according to jail officials.

The website SeeThroughNY shows that Allen was drawing an annual salary of $132,054.

James C. Plastiras, an OMH spokesman, said  in an email Wednesday that the agency plans to fire Allen.

“Upon learning of these shocking allegations, OMH immediately moved to terminate Mr. Allen,” it states. “Protecting all people in the state of New York is our primary mission and OMH is prepared to assist law enforcement in any way possible as they continue their investigation.”

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