October 25, 2021

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Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ Member Brian Krassenstein Admits “Higher Ups” Pay him To “Sow The Division”

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Anti-Trump ‘Resistance' Member Brian Krassenstein Admits He's A Paid Shill

You knew it was true, you knew the resistance was being paid. Now it’s been confirmed by HillReporter Brian Krassenstein who was caught on tape admitting he is a paid shill.


Krassenstein, a top member of the anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ mob was caught on camera admitting that he gets paid for his tweets by “higher-ups” to “sow the division”.

Brian Krassenstein big notes himself as “the co-founder of multiple tech-related news websites and blogs, an investor, writer, and social media personality.”

Along with his radical leftist brother Ed, Krassenstein, they are a notorious anti-Trump troll duo, using their platform on Twitter to bash president Trump on a daily basis about anything and everything.

A lot of mystery surrounds the brothers, with even far-left website Think Progress speculating whether they are “scam artists,” having once been subjected to a federal raid.

Krassenstein’s resistance activism clearly isn’t as grassroots as they make it out to be.

In the secret recording, Brian Krassenstein openly admits that he is being paid for his tweets.

“Of course there are higher ups that are paying us. They want us to help sow the division and to take over Trump’s Twitter feed. When [Trump] makes a post they want our tweets to be up there,” says Krassenstein.

It is not at this stage known when or where the recording took place.

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