September 24, 2021

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Leftists Famous For Running Online Financial Scams Purposely Spread Fake News

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Leftists Famous For Running Online Financial Scams Purposley Spread Fake News

A video began to go viral on Tuesday morning of radical leftist fraudster Brian Krassenstein admitting he was being paid to respond to President Trump’s tweets and prevent positive comments from the Presidents supporters from being visible — but it turned out to be a hoax.

The video quickly made its rounds on Twitter, Infowars, Drudge, The GatewayPundit, among others and even this website.

In the footage, Krassenstein is seen and heard saying that “people pay us — they want us to help sow the division and to take over Trump’s Twitter feed. When [Trump] makes a post they want our tweets to be up there. They don’t want other people, like Trump supporters to be seen.”

The problem is, Krassenstein was allowing it to go viral without any correction so that he could apparently “document how fake news spreads.”

Coming from a guy that spreads fake news on a daily basis, that’s a rich statement.

The GatewayPundit was contacted by a Twitter user that had more information regarding Krassenstein’s devious plan to bait everyone.

The Twitter user whose copy of the video went viral, Currie Dobson, told the Gateway Pundit that “the original source was posted yesterday on 4chan, it was a YouTube video.” Dobson also provided TGP with a screenshot of a message from a Daily Beast reporter who had been critical of the Krassensteins telling him that someone had emailed him the video anonymously last week.

This really makes you wonder if the brothers initially planned to try and deliberately hoax reporters who had been critical of them.

While it is unknown who leaked the video or why, it is highly plausible that the brothers or someone affiliated with them took to 4chan to publish it anonymously when reporters they targeted did not bite.
In a post explaining why they supposedly allowed the video to go viral for hours without correcting anyone, Krassenstein wrote that “fake news can spread in a variety of ways. The lack of forethought and the irrationality of the media, when using anonymous video clips can be incredibly dangerous. If I was not quick to figure out what had occurred or if I hadn’t happened to have access to the full video clip, my name, my business, and my integrity could have been forever destroyed.”
He continuously played the victim, while admitting that he allowed it to spread without comment — and claiming that he was probably “hacked.”

From the GateWayPundit

Brian Krassenstein and his brother Ed are famous for pulling scams, In 2016, the Florida home of the Krassenstein brothers was raided for running online financial scams.

In late 2016, federal agents showed up at the Fort Myers, Florida, homes of brothers Brian and Edward Krassenstein, seizing computers and financial records, and hauling off “at least 20 to 30 bundles of stuff.”

According to the feds, the brothers also, until recently, ran websites that propped up fraudulent online financial scams. Law enforcement officials last year seized nearly half a million dollars from the brothers, money that prosecutors say was derived from wire fraud. 

Long before they took up the #Resistance mantle, the Krassensteins began hawking dubious investment advice—way back in 2003—on a pair of internet forums, selling ads to online money-making operations that included a number of apparent scams, including some run by people later convicted on charges ranging from fraud to capital murder.


So it seems highly plausible that this Twitter user hit the nail on the head with this:

Actually, forget highly plausible. The is no doubt what they did given the brothers background for spreading fake news and pulling scams all the time.

Anyone can spread fake news and watch it go viral. It’s not something that someone has to ‘prove’ over and over again. 

So for the Krassenstein brothers to act like they were trying to prove a point is utter nonsense.

They were doing it for attention and trying to discredit people that have called out their fake news and scams.

But in the end they only made themselves look worse.

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