October 28, 2021

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CNN Slips Up And Admits Kavanaugh Protesters Are Paid

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CNN Slips Up And Admits Kavanaugh Protesters Are Paid

Despite all the evidence, CNN has been on a campaign denying that anti-Kavanaugh protesters are being paid. CNN’s Chris Cuomo even got Ana Maria Archila on his show, the woman from the now-famous elevator confrontation of Sen. Jeff Flake to help them out with their fake news narrative and deny being paid,

Meanwhile, it’s a fact Ana Maria Archila is running an organization largely funded by George Soros.


But not long after that segment aired with Cuomo, CNN correspondent Joe Johns admitted he has met paid protesters.

Speaking about President Trump’s recent Tweet about paid protesters with “The professionally made identical signs, paid for by Soros and others.” he clumsily tried to dispel the claim.

CNN correspondent Joe Johns talks about reports, “mostly from conservative media,” about cash exchanging hands at protests against Brett Kavanaugh. After trying to report they aren’t being paid, he can’t help but admit protesters themselves confirmed the cash exchanges, saying it was meant as bail money for protesters causing disruptions.

“What the protesters tell me that’s about, is bail,” Johns stated. “Essentially a lot of people get arrested, and they have to forfeit, put up $50 bail in order to get free of the police.”

What Joe Johns is talking about is something that is well known and common, that far left-leaning fake news media outlets have avoided talking about.

They are attempting to claim that these protesters are organic, with only some guidance from larger organizers. But based on the brilliant reporting from CNN correspondent Joe Johns we know that simply isn’t true.


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