October 27, 2021

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35,526,881 Early Votes Are In, This Is How The Midterms Look So Far…

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35,526,881 Early Votes Are In, This Is How The Midterms Look So Far…

Spoiler alert: So far, it’s looking good for Republicans.

So far.

It should be strongly noted that an early lead on the early/absentee votes does not guarantee a victory and the official results. Anyone eligible and able to vote is still encouraged to make it out to their respective polling station to participate.

Now, onto the votes.

MSNBC is reporting that over 35 million votes are already in for multiple states and broken down to the political party association according to each state they’ve analyzed.

These statistics are considered nationwide as of publication of this article.

These votes are considered early or absentee. It’s also reported that this amount of early and absentee votes is “far exceeding 2014 count one day out” which suggests that more people are participating in the 2018 midterm elections.

“The NBC News Data Analytics Lab, using voter file data from TargetSmart, found that 35,526,881 early votes were counted nationwide as of Monday. In states that have early voting, 42 percent of voters are Republican, 41 percent are Democrats, and 17 percent have either independent or have another party affiliation.

Republican-affiliated voters have outpaced Democratic-affiliated voters in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee and Texas. 

In Nevada, Democratic-affiliated voters have outpaced their Republican counterparts.

According to MSNBC

MSNBC’s report stated that only 21 million early votes were counted on the same day back in 2014, so Americans have possibly increased their voting participation by 14 million. Of course, this might also just be an increase in early/absentee votes and the final number should be more indicative of the true representation of total voters in 2018 compared to 2014.

Michael Del Moro, the booking producer of ‘Morning Joe’ broke the news on Twitter and shared a graph representing several states and the breakdown of their early/absentee voter party affiliation.

According to results released so far, Nevada is the only state leaning towards the Democratic Party in terms of early/absentee voting. But that could change come Tuesday.

But don’t let these early results impend one’s decision to vote. Everyone must still vote if they’re able to.

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