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VIDEO: Illegal Electioneering Caught At Polling Location

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VIDEO: Illegal Electioneering Caught At Poll Location

A video was posted to Twitter by user @Carpedonktum on Tuesday clearly showing “VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRAT” signs posted on the doors of a polling location in Pennsylvania.  — which is illegal in that state under election laws.

Electioneering is the activities that politicians and their supporters carry out in order to persuade people to vote for them or their political party in an election.

Some statutes provide that electioneering may not be done within a given distance of the polling place. However, it shall be considered unconstitutional if an electioneering statute infringes on First Amendment rights. State statutes which prescribe solicitation of votes on Election Day in support of or in opposition to any proposition being voted on cannot be applied to a newspaper’s editorial comment on the issue submitted to voters, because it would violate the constitutional guarantee of freedom of the press.

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal for any sort of campaign materials to be distributed or displayed within 10 feet of a polling place entrance.

To put it simply, no campaigning is permitted within the polling place.

But this didn’t seem to stop the polling location at the Virginia Avenue polling station in Mt. Washington.

The video captioned: “THIS IS ELECTION TAMPERING. I was sent this video by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, I have blurred the reflections to obscure their identity. The attendant told this person ‘Don’t go making a fool of yourself’, after they complained… THIS MUST GO VIRAL, clearly shows campaign materials displayed within 10 feet of the polling place entrance.

Carpe Donktum then posted a second video titled: “Posting a Second video from the same source, the attendants inside the polling place appear to KNOW who put the sign up, that it is illegal, and they don’t care. Faces have been blurred to protect their identities.”

The individual that recorded the video and sent it to Carpe Donktum said because they own a business they wish to remain anonymous to avoid any retaliation.

The individual also said that they have been trying to report the violation, but the phone number has been busy for quite sometime.

As seen in screenshots of a Dischord chat to Carpe Donktum provided to MileNews via DM, the individual was told “don’t go making a fool of yourself,” when they complained to a poll volunteer.

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