October 19, 2021

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Brenda Snipes claims racism is “probably” behind the widespread backlash against her

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Brenda Snipes claims racism is “probably” behind the widespread backlash against her

Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes made a claim on Saturday that racism is “probably” behind the widespread backlash against her.

Snipes has come under heavy criticism over her handling of the Florida recount after the midterm elections earlier this month.

She told The Guardian that she believes that the protesters that had camped outside the Broward recount center may have dones so out of hatred of her skin color.

Though Snipes declined to elaborate during her very brief interview, when she was asked if race played a factor, she answered: “Probably. Probably.”

Snipes has a history of election blunders and has been under the microscope ever since Florida ordered a statewide recount last Saturday.

The county embarrassingly missed its machine recount deadline on Thursday. Then on Saturday, it had to temporarily stop its manual recount about an hour after it began after lawyers from both political parties pointed out that volunteers were counting the wrong ballots.

Thursday afternoon Snipes boasted about making the state’s deadline for machine recounts. “We are excited to be at this point.” 

But then a few hours later, election officials were forced to admit the county had missed the upload deadline for the recount by two minutes, making its machine recount tally void.

Gov. Rick Scott, the Republican challenger in the high-stakes Senate race in Florida, charged that Snipes intentionally submitted late results so that they would be invalidated.

In the recount, incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson, the Democrat running against Scott, lost more votes than his opponent — meaning Scott would have seen a net gain of 779 votes if Snipes hadn’t been late.

Broward County Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes has been accused of:

1.) Illegally destroying ballots
2.) Not mailing out absentee ballots
3.) Systemic breakdowns making it difficult for Floridians to cast votes
4.) Posted election results BEFORE POLLS CLOSED!
5.) Sued for leaving amendments off the ballots
6.) Did not notify voters their absentee ballot expired
7.) Having staffers campaign while on the clock
8.) Problems publishing ballots
9.) Ballot stuffing
10.) Voters receiving defective ballots
11.) Piles of ballots cropped up way after Election Day
12.) Opening ballots in private

13.) 2016, before the November election, Republicans sued Brenda Snipes for illegally opening thousands of mail-in ballots before the election without supervision.

14.) And in July 2017 Snipes admitted that non-citizens were voting in Broward County.

“Likewise,” the suit continues, “in 2017, the Supervisor of Elections: (i) admitted that her office has allowed ineligible voters — including felons and non-citizens — to cast votes; and (ii) wrongfully authorized the destruction of ballots cast in the 2016 Democratic primary election for the 23rd Congressional District of Florida.”

VIA Politico

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