May 19, 2022

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President Trump congratulates ‘strong Democrat warrior’ Andrew Gillum on ‘competitive race’ in Florida

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Trump congratulates 'strong Democrat warrior' Andrew Gillum him on 'competitive race' in Florida

President Trump congratulated Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum for running a “tough and competitive” race in Florida.

This is a change of heart for Trump, while Andrew Gillum was running for the seat against Republican Ron DeSantis, He would constantly say Gillum would run the state into the ground should he become governor of Florida.

Trump blamed Gillum for the state of Tallahassee, calling it one of the worse, most corrupt cities in the United States.

According to the Associated Press, the race for governor has not been officially called in Florida, but almost two weeks after the elections took place, DeSantis is ahead with 49.59 percent of the vote and Gillum narrowly behind with 49.18 percent.

Trump had earlier praised Democrat gubernatorial candidate in Georgia Stacey Abrams, saying she would have a “terrific political future.”

Stacey Abrams ended her campaign against Republican challenger Brian Kemp on Friday.

Gillum posted a live video on Facebook with his wife, R. Jai, offering congratulations to his opponent, Republican governor-elect Rep. Ron DeSantis.

“Even though this election may be beyond us, although nobody wanted to be governor more than me, this was not just about an election cycle. This was about creating the kind of change in this state that really allows for the voices of everyday people to show up again in our government and our state and our communities,” said Gillum. “We know this fight continues.”

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