September 24, 2021

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President Trump submits answers to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s questions

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President Trump submits answers to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's questions

On Tuesday President Trump submitted written answers to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s questions in the ongoing Russia investigation.

Jay Sekulow, counsel to the president, said in a statement:

“The President today answered written questions submitted by The Special Counsel’s Office, The questions presented dealt with issues regarding the Russia-related topics of the inquiry. The President responded in writing.”

President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani added: “It has been our position from the outset that much of what has been asked raised serious constitutional issues and was beyond the scope of a legitimate inquiry. This remains our position today. The President has nonetheless provided unprecedented cooperation. The Special Counsel has been provided with more than 30 witnesses, 1.4 million pages of material, and now the President’s written responses to questions. It is time to bring this inquiry to a conclusion.”

Outside the White House Tuesday afternoon, Trump told reporters the announcement was coming, shortly before he departed to Mar-a-Lago in Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday.

“They’re all finished…. The lawyers have them,” Trump said. “The written answers to the witch hunt that’s been going on forever. No collusion, no nothing. They’ve been finished. Finished them yesterday. The lawyers have them. I assume they’ll turn them in today or soon.”

Speaking exclusively to  Chris Wallace  on “Fox News Sunday” this weekend, Trump told the host that he had personally dictated his responses to his team, who was “writing what I tell them to write.”

President Trump added that he probably won’t sit for an in-person interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, amid fears voiced by his attorneys that the could be tricked into a so-called “perjury trap” in which, even if the president is honest, his version of events differs from other witness accounts enough to trigger a criminal prosecution.

“We’ve wasted enough time on this witch hunt and the answer is, probably, that we’re finished,” Trump said.

He continued: “We gave very, very complete answers to a lot of questions that I shouldn’t have even been asked, and I think that should solve the problem. I hope it solves the problem, if it doesn’t, you know, I’ll be told and we’ll make a decision at that time. But probably this is the end.”

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