January 22, 2022

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FBI confirms there IS an “open and ongoing investigation” into the Clintons

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FBI confirms there IS an open and ongoing investigation into the Clintons

On Thursday financial experts who filed complaint’s against the Clinton Foundation testified to Congress that the FBI has confirmed that there is an “open and ongoing” investigation of the Clinton Foundation charity and that they have been in contact with federal prosecutors as of two weeks ago.

The House Oversight subcommittee was told by the witnesses that the Clinton Foundation operated outside its bounds of a nonprofit and more like a “closely held family partnership.”

Lawerence W. Doyle and John Moynihan, with MDA Analytics, testified about their private firm’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation charity.

The two were accompanied by three other tax and financial forensics experts who assisted them in the investigation. Along with Lawerence W. Doyle and John Moynihan they obtained thousands of pages of documents on the Clinton foundation that prove the wrongdoing, according to the witnesses.

During the back and forth questioning from The House Oversight subcommittee, Lawerence W. Doyle discussed several meetings he had with the FBI regarding the information they uncovered on the foundation. To begin with, Doyle could not say if the FBI had an open investigation into the Clinton foundation. But later, when questioned by Chairman Mark Meadows, R-NC, Doyle noted that during his meetings with the FBI the subject of the investigation was in-fact revealed.

Doyle told Meadows that he had met with agents from the FBI in Little Rock, Ark. field office in August and November of this year, turning over the information that his firm had collected. Doyle said the FBI agents thanked the firm for the information and confirmed to him that “this is an open and ongoing investigation.”

Doyle isn’t the only whistleblower to speak to the FBI’s field office in Little Rock. Over the past year, William D. Campbell’s story was first published when he turned over more than 5,000 documents and detailed daily briefs to the FBI when he served as a confidential informant reporting on Russia’s nuclear giant Rosatom. Campbell also met with the FBI late last year.

Campbell worked as an energy consultant and gained the trust of Russians. He provided significant insight into Russia’s strategic plans to gain global dominance in the uranium industry. Campbell reported on the Russian’s intentions to build a closer relationship with Obama administration officials, to include the thn Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

During the questioning from Rep. Jim Jordan, Doyle outlined the steps the firm took to investigate Clinton’s nonprofit.

“Well we did do revenues versus expenses across all their 990s it’s not so much that they didn’t balance it’s what would be represented,” Doyle said. “We did our own work. All our own work and we created spreadsheets and looked at…on a line item basis how much on salaries, how much on travel, how much on office expenses. And just created that spreadsheet just to follow the money.” 

More to come as this is a developing story.

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