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Throwback to the time Obama signed hats & pics of himself for Troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait and U.S. Bases

Throwback to the time Obama signed hats & pics of himself for Troops in Afghanistan, Kuwait and U.S. Bases

On Wednesday President Trump and FLOTUS made history as they traveled together to meet the troops in Iraq war zone, then onto Germany.

President Trump arrived to very excited troops at Al Asad Air Base in Iraq and the same later at a stop in Germany.

But as usual, The mainstream media couldn’t look past their hatred and TDS but instead attacked the US soldiers for bringing “Make America Great Again” hats with them to meet the President of the United States so he could sign them personally.

One reporter, Jennifer Epstein, was outraged and banged on about the US soldiers at Ramstein base in Germany with MAGA hats and a Trump flag. She was not happy this was allowed to happen.

Here’s an image for triggering purposes:

Now for those paying attention at home, you might remember that time US soldiers carried photos AND hats with them when Barack Obama came for a visit.

Would you look at that? Are they holding pics of Obama to be signed? Yes, yes they are. Obama fans carried photos of Obama with them as he spoke in Afghanistan. He was a candidate at the time!

This one was during the campaign

In the above photo which was released on Saturday, July 19, 2008, by the United Stated Army, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., signed memorabilia for service members at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Friday, July 18, during a Congressional Delegation visit. (AP Photo/)

And OMG, Michelle Obama signed photos and other items while at Fort Stewart during a visit with her husband at Fort Stewart in April 2012. (US Army)

So there you have it. The Mainstream Media didn’t care then so why do they care now?

Oh that’s right, TDS.


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