January 22, 2022

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“The Good Wife” actor says F— Trump and every single person who supports him

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"The Good Wife" actor says F--- Trump and every single person who supports him

Ah the left loves to pretend they are so tolerant yet a day can’t go by without one of them attacking Trump supporters or Trump himself.

Today among others “The Good Wife” actor Josh Charles offered some obscene language for “every single person” who still supports President Trump’s policies.

Yeah don’t worry, I have no idea who this guy is either.

Anyhow, Josh Charles called on president Trump to be impeached in a series of tweets, while also calling on both the President and VP to be”muzzled.”

“I’m so sick of this mothef—er. Just so sick. This needs to end. F— him and every single person who continues to support him and his dangerous administration,” Charles wrote.

“Before we impeach the motherfker can we at least put a muzzle on the motherfker’s mouth. Pence too?” Charles added, referencing a remark made by Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D) earlier this month at a gathering of MoveOn.org activists.

Charles also retweeted another message calling for Trump’s impeachment in December, this time from novelist Stephen King.

“Tell your legislators and friends who are Trump supporters that it’s time to put partisanship aside. Trump is a train wreck, and the train he’s pulling is our country. He has to be removed from office,” read King’s tweet.

Notice the left always says “time to put partisanship aside.”

Yet the one thing they never do is actually put partisanship aside.

Just like Tlaib when she made headlines herself earlier this month promising a crowd of people at a Washington, D.C., restaurant to “impeach the motherf—er,” referring to the president, shortly after Tlaib joined other freshman representatives in being sworn in to the House.

The Michigan lawmaker later apologized for causing a “distraction,” but not for the sentiment behind the remark.

“I understand that I am a member of Congress, and I don’t want anything that I do or say to distract us. And that’s the only thing that I apologize for — that it was a distraction,” Tlaib said.

Welcome to the 2019 clown show. Enjoy!

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