October 27, 2021

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Mum caught on camera dragging her 5-year-old screaming son along the floor by his HAIR

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A mother was caught on camera dragging her screaming son by his hair through a hospital waiting room.

The child is 5-years-old.

One witness at Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, Illinois, was so shocked and disturbed they filmed the abuse on their phone.

In the clip, the parent yanks her son along the ground by his hair and only pauses to look at her mobile.

She eventually carries him by the hood of his jacket in the busy hospital waiting room.

The mother tells her son to stand in the corner but most of the what she is saying is drowned out by the little boy’s screams.

The woman’s younger son, said to be aged two, is seen standing nearby and witnessed the entire thing.

The abuse reportedly happened after two brothers had been fighting.

Police in Illinois say they are investigating the clip and have identified the woman.

No charges have been filed but the boys are now staying with a relative for the short term.

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