September 25, 2021

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VIDEO: PewDiePie slams Gillette

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PewDiePie slams Gillette

Gillette’s new advert has copped a lot of backlash with some companies now taking the opposite approach. The CEO of luxury watch manufacturer Ergard Watches released a video that celebrates the achievements of men, and taking time to identify the shockingly high workplace fatality, suicide, and homeless rates among the male population.

Gillette on the other hand wagged their finger at men with their anti-masculinity ad. In PewDiePie‘s latest episode of Pew News, the most watched YouTuber lambasted the company for singling out men.

PewDiePie watched and reviewed the latest ad from Gillette saying it “blows my mind that they actually thought this was a good idea.”

“Who doesn’t like to have their moral compass defined to them by a shaving company?” the YouTuber opined while watching the video, continuing that he was hard-pressed to identify some of the “toxic” male behavior showcased in the video, “Maybe I’m part of the problem, I don’t get what the issue is here.”

“Watching this video, it doesn’t piss me off. I don’t really care that much. I just think it’s cringe worthy, that’s what it is,” said PewDiePie, “Why is Gillette trying to tell me, or trying to tell everyone, that guys are a problem? Literally putting all guys that are problematic in the same category. Why not focus on something positive instead?”

Pewds also hit-out at the media’s response to the video, mainly The Guardian, which framed all criticism of the video as “abuse” in their article.

“I really, really appreciate the Guaridan’s title on this. It doesn’t show any bias at all. ‘Gillette #MeToo ad on ‘toxic masculinity’ gets praise – and abuse’”, he laughed, “That seems like such a fair assessment, you know. No it doesn’t!”

“I like how they didn’t call it criticism. It’s just abuse. Everyone that dislikes this video? Abuse. This poor brand, this poor multi million dollar brand, is getting abuse.”

Felix concluded that this was clearly a financial decision by Gillette, and expressed doubt as to whether or not it would prove successful in the end.

“At the end of the day Gillette’s goal is to sell products. You know that their goal behind this video was to do exactly that,” he said, “Again, it’s so cringey that they’re trying to put up this message to sell more products.”



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