September 21, 2021

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Twitter is purging accounts that report the truth about Nathan Phillips and Covington Catholic students

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Twitter is purging accounts that report the truth about Nathan Phillips and Covington Catholic students

Twitter suspended numerous accounts this week that reported the truth about the controversial encounter between a Native American elder and a group of high school students wearing Make America Great Again hats.

Among the recently suspended is Big League Politics reporter Peter D’Abrosca for “rules against evading permanent suspension.”

BLP reports that this is his first time D’Abrosca has been suspended on the platform.

BLP reports:

D’Abrosca and Big League Politics have attempted to contact Twitter to learn more about why the Big Tech platform decided to ban the conservative journalist and social media influencer and did not receive an immediate response.

Even though D’Abrosca is suspended on Twitter, he can still be found on Gab and on Facebook thankfully.

Big League Politics is correct. This is cut and dry censorship.

Funny enough, our Twitter account @MilneNews was suspended for the exact same reason. “rules against evading permanent suspension.” As well as my personal account @SteveMilneNews.

Both accounts – just like BLP’s reporter – have never been suspended in the past. Nor have they broken any of Twitters community guidelines.

Yet all of a sudden accounts are being purged again on the heels of the Covington Catholic high school student controversy.

We also reached out to Twitter but have received no response.

But we aren’t the only ones being punished for speaking the truth. Many accounts that spread the truth of what happened that day have suddenly found themselves suspended and given the same reason.

We have had no problem with Twitter suspending us in the past. It’s never happened, until we wrote countless reports exposing the truth of what happened that day, as well as exposing Nathan Phillips and the mainstream media lies.

Meanwhile, countless celebrities, mainstream media reporters and leftists that spread fake news about what happened and Tweeted out violent rhetoric toward the students have been allowed to keep their accounts.

Many conservative reporters have been suspended from Twitter now for telling the truth. Meanwhile MSM reporters, celebs and leftists are allowed to spread fake news and dangerous threats.

Most of the fake news and threats spread are directly to the president of the United States and his family. And this week to the Covington Catholic high School students.

But that’s OK with Twitter. They don’t care.

Once again Jack Dorsey and his platform Twitter have shown their true colors.

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