September 22, 2021

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Washington, D.C. now has a plastic straw inspector

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Washington, D.C. now has a plastic straw inspector

Washington, D.C. now has a plastic straw inspector that goes around visiting restaurants giving them warnings that if they don’t get rid of them, they will be in for some steep fines.

Being found with a straw can earn you an $800 fine. — and as Greg Gutfeld explains in the video below, that’s more than the fine for practicing medicine without a license in Connecticut.

Gutfeld also explains in his monologue:

The overwhelming majority of plastic waste in the ocean — which seems to be the hot button issue here – comes from 10 rivers —  all from Africa and Asia.  It ain’t us. Which poses a problem for left-wing activists, who need an America to protest.

Meanwhile, all that stuff you separate ends up back in landfills. Cuz there’s no market to sell the stuff.

Recycling was sold to us as a magical solution, but even mainstream media outlets, like “60 Minutes,” know its garbage.

So as usual, our nation’s busybodies ignore the consequences of their actions.

Plastic straws are necessary for people with disabilities as well as the elderly.


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