September 21, 2021

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He’s done it! Ralph Northam has proven why he’s not either of those men in that racist photo

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He's done it! Ralph Northam has proven why he's not either of those men in that racist photo

That title is sarcastic by the way.

As PewDiePie says, “YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE!”

Here we go.

So, just when you thought Ralph Northam couldn’t possibly come up with another way to try get himself out of the racist yearbook mess, he takes it to another level.

Northam, who has apologized for the racist photo, but then later backtracked and said he doesn’t believe he’s actually in it, has been fighting to keep his job ever since the picture showing a man in blackface and a man in Ku Klux Klan garb emerged on Big League Politics Feb. 1.

Now The Virginia governor says he’s certain he is not one of the two men shown in a racist photo in his 1984 medical school yearbook — wait for it – because the men in the photo are holding beers in their right hands while he’s left-handed.

Did you laugh?

Oh man, you lost.

Moving on.

It get’s better.

Northam reportedly told his staff that the photo struck him as odd because, while attending the medical school, he particularly had trouble using his right hand and even struggled to use a scalpel with it.

He claimed that his left hand is his dominant hand and pointed out that another picture in the yearbook shows him holding a beer with his left hand.

Did you laugh again? Come on man!

There’s more though.

Ralph Northam latest theory isn’t very convincing.

Not only because it’s ridiculous.

But because this–>

And this—>

Too funny.

I laughed too.

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