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Come watch ANTIFA fire a weapon, It’s hilarious

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Come watch ANTIFA fire a weapon, It's hilarious

If you needed a laugh today I have the perfect video for you.

Back in March of 2017, website Free Market Shooter exposed the “Phoenix John Brown Gun Club”. To many observers showed anti-Trump “counter-protesters” that showed up to a pro-Trump rally in Phoenix, Arizona carrying what appeared to be fake firearms:

The only reference to firearms training was in their “events” page, which had an event that took place on March 5th, titled “Introduction to Tactical Firearms”.  It had 46 guests.  There were no upcoming events, and the prior four events had absolutely nothing to do with firearms.
Not much of a “gun club” at all, is it?  Would you really be surprised to find out that many of their members didn’t even carry real firearms to an “open carry” demonstration against a Trump rally?

ANTIFA responded to the criticisms that they were just “LARPing” with fake guns by releasing a YouTube video entitled “Phoenix John Brown Gun Club – Range Day”.  However, it only made things worse for them as this video ends up showing the group’s very laughable lack of experience with firearms. Not only that, the video confirms the accusation that their “open carry” demonstration did include several fake firearms.

Free Market reports:

The shooting “range” appears to be a spot in the desert.  The “range” is covered with trash and the Phoenix John Brown Gun Club doesn’t even bother to pick up after themselves. 

With a maximum distance of about 50 meters, most shooting takes place at what appears to be about 50 feet, if that… including the rifle “shootout” segments of the video.

Bear in mind, the US Army Field Manual on marksmanship indicates that the weapon is zeroed (sighted) at 25 meters, with qualified training taking place at 50 meters or further, and a maximum scored distance of 300 meters.  Then again, even at the shorter distances, PJBGC doesn’t even seem particularly concerned with zeroing their weapons at all.

This is evident in their “shootout” starting at 2:09.  I counted a number of shots completely missing the targets, at a distance that was no greater than 25 meters, most likely much closer than that.  Bear in mind what the US Army Manual states on 25-meter “zeroing”:

Check out the video:

Head over here to read the full report at Free Market Shooter

If you’re thinking about heading over to the YouTube video to comment we have some bad news for you:

Go figure right.

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