December 8, 2021

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Video shows Conservative attacked on University of California-Berkeley campus

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Video shows Conservative attacked on University of California-Berkeley campus

On “Hannity” Thursday night conservative activist Hayden Williams addressed the violent attack he experienced Tuesday on the campus of the University of California-Berkeley.

“This person claimed we were promoting violence on campus and proceeded to take his aggression out on us,” Williams told Sean Hannity.

Williams sported a black eye after he was punched while assisting conservative group Turning Point USA recruit members.

The sign referenced actor Jussie Smollett, who staged an attack and blamed white Trump supporters of committing the crime.

The group also had a sign that read “This is MAGA Country.”

Williams says he “absolutely” has evidence that proves he did not provoke the assault. A bystander recorded a video of the incident, he said. The alleged assailent knocked his phone out of his hands during the intercation, he said.

The angry man in the video is heard shouting profanities at Williams and at one point threatened to shoot him.

“I feared for my own safety so I started to record at that moment,” Williams told Hannity. “That shot was a cheap shot, especially in the end.”

Police are now searching for the man captured in the video. The university has also condemned the violent act.

“This is not new for UC- Berkeley this is a school that has been burnt down almost because they don’t like the conservative point of view on the college campus,” Fox News contributor and Campus Reform editor-in-chief Lawrence Jones told Hannity.

Campus Reform is operated by the Leadership Institute who Williams works for.

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