May 19, 2022

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JetBlue is offering free flights for a year

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JetBlue is offering free flights for a year

JetBlue is offering customers a chance to fly for free for a full year if they delete all of their Instagram posts.

The Airline company launched it’s “All You Can Jet” competition last week.

The contest runs through March 8, and requires entrants to delete all of their prior posts on Instagram before uploading a photo – which requires users to fill in a blank in “All You Can __ – using a template from JetBlue and tagging the company.

Aside from the entry photo, entrants must not post any other photos to their Instagram count through the end of the day on Friday, March 8.

Full rules are available on the JetBlue’s website.

The company posted a video on their Twitter and Instagram account.

As of Sunday afternoon dozens of users had uploaded photos to their Instagram accounts to participate in the JetBlue contest.

Entrants weighed in with phrases such as “All You Can Help,” “All You Can Achieve” and “All You Can Beach” in their respective bids to win free flights for a year.

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