December 8, 2021

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Democrats want 10 years of Trump’s tax returns

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Democrats want 10 years of Trump's tax returns

House Democrats are looking for anything to investigate President Trump now the Russia collusion narrative is blowing up in their faces.

The Democrats are now ‘likely’ to seek ten years of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

MSN reports:

Congressional Democrats are likely to request 10 years of President Trump’s tax returns in coming weeks, tailoring their inquiry in a way they hope will survive a court battle, according to lawmakers and others involved in the discussions.

The exact parameters of the request are still in flux, including whether to seek tax returns related to Trump’s many business enterprises in addition to his personal returns.

But Democrats led by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal (D-Mass.), along with congressional lawyers, are in the advanced stages of preparing the request. They’re relying on a 1924 law that gives chairmen of House and Senate tax-writing committees broad powers to demand the tax returns of White House officials.

They said they are being deliberate so as not to make a mistake that jeopardizes the investigation.

Democrats are just hoping there is something in Trump’s tax returns they can use against him.

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