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LIST: Hate Crime Hoaxes That Were Blamed On Trump Supporters

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LIST: Hate Crime Hoaxes That Were Blamed On Trump Supporters

There have been 19 fake hate crimes in the last two years, and they were all blamed on Trump supporters.

Andy Ngo, an editor over at Quillette, recently tweeted out a thread listing hate crimes in the last two years that were blamed on supporters of President Trump that turned out to be hoaxes.

With that, let’s take a look at all the hoax hate crimes blamed on Trump supporters.

• Right after Donald Trump’s election, the (Southern Poverty Law Center) really stoked panic. A pro-gay Episcopal church in Indiana was vandalized (with) “Heil Trump,” a swastika, & an anti-gay slur. Turns out it was the gay organ player who did it. He was only charged (with) a misdemeanor.

• Days after the Pittsburgh massacre, Trump supporters were blamed for Nazi vandalism at a Brooklyn synagogue & fires in a Jewish community. Turns out the perpetrator was a gay black man who had worked with city council on an initiative to fight hate crimes.

• One week before the presidential election, a black church in Mississippi was burned in an arson attack. “Vote Trump” was written on the building. After much panic, an investigation revealed that the man responsible was a church member.

• In Nov 2016 a Muslim student at the University of Louisiana said two white racist Trump supporters brutally assaulted her, ripped off her hijab, & robbed her. The story went viral. It was a lie. Media never identified her by name after hoax was revealed.

• Trump & his supporters were blamed for a spate of anti-Semitic, KKK & Nazi graffiti on the campus of Nassau Community College in Long Island in late 2016. The student responsible was Jasskirat Saini.

• In Dec 2016 a Muslim woman said she was attacked by 3 white Trump supporters in NYC on the subway. She said they tried to rip off her hijab. Yasmin Seweid lied. (The Council on American-Islamic Relations) said Muslims are under tremendous “stress & pressure” resulting in incidents like this.

• In Sep. 2018 a black woman in Long Island said Trump supporters confronted her & told her “she didn’t belong here.” Her car tire was slashed the next day & a hateful note was left behind saying “go home.” Adwoa Lewis made up the whole story.

• In Nov 2016 a Philadelphia neighborhood was rattled when property was vandalizedwith pro-Trump and anti-black messages. William Tucker was identified as the vandal through CCTV footage.

• In Nov 2016 a black female student at (Villanova University) in PA said a group of white men yelling “Trump!” knocked her to the ground on campus. However a police & university investigation was halted because the student didn’t want to pursue the matter.

• (University of Michigan) student Halley Bass told police a Trump supporter attacked her by scratching her face in Nov 2016. She said she was targeted for wearing a pin in support of UK Remain. As her story fell apart, she admitted to scratching herself.

• 2016: Muslim student at (the University of Michigan) claimed she was attacked by a white man who threatened to burn her hijab. It never happened. CAIR said the attack is “just the latest anti-Muslim incident reported since the election of Donald Trump as president.”

• One day after 2016 election, Eleesha Long, a student at (Bowling Green State University) in Ohio said that white males wearing Trump shirts threw rocks at her & hurled racial slurs. Alleged incident sparked rage on campus, & (the university) hosted a “town hall.” Long made it all up.

• On election night, Canadian Chris Ball said he was beaten by anti-gay Trump supporters in Santa Monica. His friend shared a photo on social media (notice the immaculate watch). Police said he never filed report & he didn’t go to any hospitals in the area.

• Charlotte: April 2017 Curtis Flournoy set an immigrant business on fire & left note saying “Trump is our nation builder for White America.” When CCTV showed that perpetrator was black, some sites said it was a white Trump supporter in disguise.

• Nov 2016 Chicago: Taylor Volk, a bisexual student at (North Park University) said she received hateful pro-Trump, anti-gay messages. “This is a countrywide epidemic all of a sudden,” she said at the time. The investigation found that she fabricated the story.

• 2 students at (Babson College) drove thru campus waving flag to celebrate election. Peers said they spat on someone, yelled racist & anti-gay slurs. This was a lie, but everyone believed it. They were kicked out (of their) fraternity. Investigation cleared them of wrongdoing.

• In Nov. 2016, a man in Malden, MA told police he was confronted by two racist white males who made a reference to lynching & said it is “Trump country now.” He fabricated the whole story. Sound familiar?

• Anti-Muslim graffiti saying things like Trump’s “#MuslimBan” was found on (Beloit College) in 2017. College increased security. Investigation found that Michael Kee, a Muslim student, did it himself for attention.

And of course, 2019: Nathan Phillips claims against the Covington Catholic students and more recently the Jussie Smollett fake hate crime.


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