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Justice Department Finds Clinton Uranium One Document That ‘Didn’t Exist’

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Justice Department Finds Clinton Uranium One Document That 'Didn't Exist'

After the DOJ claimed no such document existed, the Justice Department has now unearthed a letter which Matt Whitaker delivered to the Utah U.S. attorney directing a review of how the department handled the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One situation.

Jeff Sessions – who was at the time Attorney General – wrote the letter on Nov. 22, 2017 for Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber. Matt Whitaker, who was Sessions’ chief of staff at the time, emailed the letter to Huber that day, writing, “As we discussed.”

He also sent Huber a copy of a letter the Justice Department’s Congressional affairs chief sent to the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee on Nov. 13 of that same year.

A department lawyer said in court last year that senior officials insisted the document of Sessions directing the DOJ to revisit probes of Clinton didn’t exist.

The liberal nonprofit American Oversight obtained the letter through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request they filed on Nov. 22, 2017––the same day Matt Whitaker emailed Jeff Sessions’ letter to Huber.

The request asked for documentation of the directions Jeff Sessions gave Huber about the review of the investigations into Clinton.

After the DOJ failed to produce any written directions, American Oversight sued.

And on Nov. 16, 2018, Senior Counsel in the Office of Information Policy Vanessa Brinkmann, who handles FOIA Requests, claimed a lawyer in Sessions’ office told her no such letter existed.

Which wasn’t correct at all. This week, a DOJ lawyer told American Oversight that they had found the document that kicked off Huber’s work.

The letter obtained by American Oversight is consistent with what the DOJ’s chief of legislative affairs has told Congress: that Huber is scrutinizing the sale of a Canadian uranium mining company with interests in the United States to Rosatom, a Russian state-owned company. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton alledgedly declined to oppose the deal because of contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

The Justice Department hasn’t yet brought any charges related to the Clinton Foundation or the Uranium one transaction. This is because the Department hasn’t sufficiently investigated it. An investigation has been called many times and for the appointment of a special counsel to scrutinize the transaction.

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