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Brand-new photo ignites theories of a “Fake Melania”

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Brand-new photo ignites theories of a "Fake Melania"

Wild theories of a “fake Melania” Trump are nothing new — and now a brand-new photo has reignited the wild conspiracy once again.

According to many – mainly on the far-left- Melania regularly uses a body double to impersonate her at public events.

The “proof” presented and circulated on social media, point out discrepancies between “fake Melania” and the “real” Mrs. Trump’s appearance.

The brand new “evidence” was taken from a presidential visit to Alabama, a state recently affected by tornadoes that unfortunatly killed 23 residents.

During the trip, President Trump and the First Lady paid a sombre visit to the victims’ memorial — a public outing covered by WSFA 12 News reporter Sally Pitts.

But when Sally shared the picture of the POTUS and FLOTUS on Twitter, it didn’t take long for users to spot something unusual about Melania Trump.

Users also claimed FLOTUS’ body language appeared to be more open and relaxed than normal during her Alabama visit and her posture and even the way she walked were slightly off.

In July 2018, the conspiracy theory went viral after the President and his wife were pictured stepping off Air Force One in Brussels ahead of a NATO summit.

The conspiracy theory first really kicked-off back in October of 2017 after ‘comedian’ Andrea Wagner Barton posted the idea on Facebook.

The most popular theory is that Mrs Trump’s body double is a secret service agent who has an uncanny resemblance to the First Lady.

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