September 21, 2021

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‘Just pay attention’ the person behind Russia collusion claim will be outed

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‘Just pay attention’ the person behind Russia collusion claim will be outed

On Monday, Rudy Giuliani issued a warning that whoever convinced the FBI to pursue the Russia collusion investigation into the Trump campaign will soon be outed.

Giuliani also called on Trump’s “shameless” critics to apologize for their claims in the wake of the Mueller report’s conclusion.

Speaking with “Fox & Friends” Giuliani was asked if someone tricked the FBI into opening the original investigation.

“Yes, yes, yes — and you’re going to find out, believe me, who it was,” Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer and the former New York City mayor, said.

“Now the question is if there were three investigations — no evidence of collusion — who made it up?” Giuliani asked on “Fox & Friends” Monday morning. “It didn’t just come out of thin air. I want to know who did it. Who paid for it? Who fueled it? Because the person that did it, and the group that did it, knows it’s untrue because they invented it.”

Giuliani didn’t say if he was referring to former MI6 agent Christopher Steele or FBI agents or someone else, stating only that his team are working on it.

“Just pay attention,” Giuliani said.

He then called on Democrats to “at least stop and say ‘I was wrong,'” adding that they should be happy for the country.

but so far they are unhappy with the findings.

“Shame on them! Shame on them!” he said, calling Trump an “innocent man” who didn’t do what they accused him of doing.

President Trump “has been absolved, vindicated, exonerated,” given “complete vindication,” the Trump lawyer said.

Giuliani hit-out at the 675-day investigation “conducted by people who had every motive to get [Trump] and tried every tactic — and some I don’t approve of — to get it.”

He called Robert Mueller an “honest man,” but criticized the handling of the investigation.

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