January 22, 2022

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James Comey plays dumb on spying: ‘I don’t know what he’s talking about’

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James Comey plays dumb on spying: 'I don't know what he's talking about'

Disgraced FBI Director James Comey has everyone talking about his response to Bill Barr’s allegation that Obama’s Intel agencies spied on Trump’s 2016 campaign.

When asked about Attorney General Bill Barr’s allegation that Barrack Obama’s Intel agencies spied on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, Comey just played dumb and said he doesn’t have an idea what Mr. Barr is talking about.

“With respect to Barr’s comment, I have no idea what he’s talking about when he talks about spying on the campaign and so I can’t really react,” Comey said Thursday at a Hewlett Foundation conference.

But we all know that James Comey received the memo from his corrupt crime buddies John Brennan and James Clapper purely because Comey slipped up saying Barr’s spying allegation “concerning.”

James Comey then tried to explain what spying is as well as defending the FBI and DOJ.

“The FBI and the Department of Justice conduct court-ordered electronic surveillance, “Comey said. “I have never thought of that as spying…and if the Attorney General has come to the belief that that should be called ‘spying’ – WOW!”

“But I don’t know what he meant by that term — and factually I don’t know what he meant because I don’t know of any court-ordered electronic surveillance aimed at the Trump campaign and that’s the reason for my confusion,” Comey said.


However, something is up because the deep State-Media complex and the Dems are frantically going into damage control over Bill Barr’s allegations.

If there’s no there-there, then why are the dems and the media so worried?

Because there IS a there-there and we all very soon are enough going to see all of it exposed.

And this has all involved very very worried.

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