October 27, 2021

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Police chief placed on leave after liking president Trump’s tweet

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Police chief placed on leave after liking president Trump's tweet

Mount Holyoke and Smith colleges have placed their joint chief of police on administrative leave after students protested his Twitter activity.

New Campus Chief of Police Daniel Hect

Students at both colleges were triggered when they discovered he “liked” tweets from the NRA and President Donald Trump.

While no specific posts were mentioned, the students discovered that Chief Daniel Hect used the “like” feature to show support for tweets made by President Trump and the NRA.

22 News reports that the students “were outraged to discover conservative tweets the chief had liked” on the platform.

Over the past few weeks, students have started voicing a lack of trust in Chief Daniel Hect.

Mount Holyoke’s President Sonya Stephens decided to place the chief on leave saying they have concerns about Hect’s ability, “to develop the level of trust required to engage in community policing.”

Mount Holyoke is working closing with Smith College on this issue, and Stephens said they will continue to keep their campus community informed.

It’s not known as yet when, or if, the police chief will be allowed to return to his position.

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