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Why did Mueller wait so long to answer collusion question?

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Why did Mueller wait so long to answer collusion question

Former federal judge, and President George W. Bush’s attorney general Michael B. Mukasey speaking to Fox News host Bill Hemmer on the latest episode of the “Hemmer Time” podcast, asked why Robert Mueller did not reveal the most important piece of information he uncovered until submitting his report to Attorney General William Barr.

We know what the Special Counsel knew when it comes to the question of Trump-Russia collusion, but we still don’t know when he knew it — and why he kept his knowledge a secret.

“When did Bob Mueller know, or when did the people who worked with him know, that there was no coordination, which is what they were looking for?” the ex-AG said to Hemmer.

“When did they realize that and whenever they realized that shouldn’t they have told the rest of us?”

Hemmer asked Mukasey if he felt Mueller coming forward with that information would’ve been beneficial, and if he should have pre-empted the official announcement to do so.

“I don’t know about preempted the announcement but certainly should have told us about it beforehand. It would have taken the speculation the edge and the speculation off,” he said, Mukasey said, before critiquing the media’s coverage of the investigation.

“You remember the exercise that was engaged in… The number of television broadcasts that would have involved people sitting around conference tables inhaling their own and other people’s exhaust and getting high on it?

“People talking about this indictment having this significance or that indictment signaling that the walls were closing in on the White House may have. If that was not true and known to be not true at the time then somebody should have said something.”

During the rest of the podcast, which you can download here, the former attorney general continued to discuss Russian meddling, stating it is a long-established goal for the country.

“Look, the Russians have been messing with the West generally and with the United States specifically since the Communist Revolution,” Mukasey told Hemmer.

“But let’s have a sense of proportion here. It’s of a piece with what’s gone on before. It’s not something brand new nor was it something that appears to have been particularly effective.”

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