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CNN’s Brian Stelter whines over Trump skipping WHCD, says it’s an ‘attack’ against media

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CNN's Brian Stelter whines over Trump skipping WHCD, says it's an 'attack' against media

Fake news CNN chief media correspondent Brian Stelter slammed the Trump administration for skipping this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner (WHCD), calling it an “attack against the media.”

President Trump announced earlier this month that he would not attend the April 27 dinner, instead opting for a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Nobody from the Trump administration will be attending the annual event.

“The dinner is so boring and so negative that we’re going to hold a very positive rally instead,” Trump said.

President Trump has not attended the WHCD since taking office.

The “Reliable Sources” host praised the “value” of the WHCD, saying that it’s a fundraiser for journalism scholarships and a celebration of the First Amendment, along with being an opportunity for White House aides to “schmooze” with reporters.

He called it a “tradition” for presidents that has been “put on pause” under Trump.

“Look, it’s yet another example of what we’re seeing- the administration’s attack against the media. It takes many forms,” Stelter told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

The “Reliable Sources” host also referred to Trump’s scheduled rally during the WHCD as another “form” of an attack against the media.

Last year, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders attended the event but was harshly ridiculed by comedian Michelle Wolf. The backlash the 2018 WHCD received prompted the White House Correspondents’ Association to revamp the dinner, choosing not to invite a comedian to emcee the event this year. Instead, the group chose historian and writer Ron Chernow.

Let’s face it if the president sneezed in their vicinity, CNN would say it’s an attack on the media.

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