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Woman who threatened to blow up church on Easter was an NBC producer

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Woman who threatened to blow up church on Easter was an NBC producer

The woman who was “claiming to be the Messiah” and threatening to blow up a church in California on Easter Sunday while carrying her baby and a gun is a former digital producer for the NBC-TV affiliate in San Diego.

31-year-old Anna Conkey was tackled by churchgoers during the April 21 incident at the Tsidkenu Church in the Clairemont area of San Diego.

Conkey’s Linkedin profile says she was “a Navy mass communication specialist for six years where she gained experience in photojournalism, public affairs, graphics and web design, videography, print design, and layout, and broadcast journalism. … and is a freelance journalist who has worked for both NBC and KPBS. At NBC, where she worked from June 2017 to February 2018, she says she wrote news articles, published stories on the web, edited news stories, and edited video. Conkey also interned for NBC in San Diego before being hired by them. She also spent five months as an intern for KPBS in San Diego, where she was an assistant producer for KPBS’s radio, web and social media content.

Conkey still has a profile on KPBS. The page says that “Anna is interested in writing about women’s rights, military and veteran issues, and education and hopes to work as an investigative journalist, feature writer, or military correspondent.”

In 2009, she was photographed singing “Sweet Caroline” with Neil Diamond when she was identified by her maiden name of Anna Kiner.

NBC 7 reports that they received a news tip from “Anna Conkey” just five minutes before the incident, stating:

“There’s a woman claiming to be the Messiah, saying she was sent to blow up the foundation of the Church — she’s got a gun and a child is involved. The address is 4350 Mount Everest Blvd San Diego, CA 92117. There are about 70 people in the auditorium of the school where the church service is held.”

Ronald Farmer was inside the church when it all happened, telling KSWB: “We were just about to finish up our service and a lady came in with a gun and started talking delusional stuff.”

Church leaders said they tried to talk her down and defuse the situation, but she was pointing the weapon at parishioners as well as the baby.

Conkey’s gun was not loaded, and her 10-month-old baby was thankfully unharmed when she was wrestled to the ground.

The baby and her other 5-year-old daughter have been placed in protective custody.

Ben Wisan, who’s one of the leaders in the church, told Fox2Now: “We knew who she was. She had been coming on and off for a little bit of time. And we had been praying for her because we wanted to see her set free. There’s a lot of stuff bugging her.”

Conkey has been on YouTube posting messages about Bible prophecy.

In one video she posted on YouTube a few days before the incident, she says she tried to bring an important message to her church, but she was turned away.

“They told me they would call the police if I didn’t leave,” she said on camera. “God told me I’m His messenger. I’m an apostle and a prophet.”

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