October 28, 2021

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Did we all forget that Hillary Clinton actually obstructed justice?

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Did we all forget that Hillary Clinton actually obstructed justice?

Hillary Clinton claims that President Trump would be indicted by Robert Mueller if he weren’t in office. Maybe so, if we are talking about Democrat Justice Department rules, the very same rules that let Hillary get away with obstructing justice.

Everyone knows rule one of the Democrat Justice Department rules is that you cannot indict a Clinton.

For now.

While the Democrats, left and mainstream media are calling for the impeachment of President Trump for alleged obstruction of justice – even though no obstruction was found – Hillary Clinton on the other hand really obstructed justice.

Trump didn’t delete 33,000 emails. He didn’t lie to Congress, he didn’t have somebody smash up telephones. And he didn’t have someone wipe out a server and bleach it after the FBI subpoenaed exactly what she destroyed.

Even my cat knows that’s in your face obstruction of justice.

Not to mention all the other crimes and things she did to hinder any investigation into her.

In-fact Trump answered Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s questions and handed over millions of documents. He was transparent throughout the whole investigation. On top of all that Mueller’s office had access to anything they needed.

They found no collusion with Russia and no evidence the president obstructed justice.

This isn’t about the truth for the Democrats, left and mainstream media, this is about doing anything to get that bad orange man out of office.

It’s over, no collusion and no obstruction.

But it’s only the beginning for Clinton and Obama.


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