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The far out theory that Star Trek Voyager helped Obama become president

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The far out theory that Star Trek Voyager helped Obama become president

Star Trek is famous for its storylines for altering the fabric of time and space in their universe. But it seems to this Reddit user’s theory that Voyager did exactly that and helped elected Barack Obama.

Strap yourselves in.

The theory is that the low viewing figures for Star Trek: Voyager helped Barack Obama get elected as president in 2008 – but it’s all thanks to the actor Jeri Ryan, who joined the cast in season four as Seven of Nine, a former Borg drone that joined the Federation as a foil to Captain Janeway.

So did she foil the election in turn helping Obama win the White House?

Not quite.

For actress Jeri Ryan, the demands of shooting a major television show such as Star Trek Voyager put a huge strain on her marriage to her husband Jack Ryan, who – get ready for this-  in March of 2004  won the Republican primary to face none other than Barack Obama in the Illinois Senate election.

The couple got divorced in 1999 but the details of the divorce weren’t made public until 2004 when Jack Ryan had already secured the Republican candidacy.

In a thread, Reddit user ‘IAmNotScottBakula’ wrote that Star Trek: Voyager was not as well received as previous Star Trek series. In 1997, producers decided to add a new character in an attempt to boost ratings. Actress Jeri Ryan was brought in to play Seven of Nine.

Jeri’s frequent separations from her husband, Jack Ryan, due to her acting schedule contributed to their decision to divorce in 1999.

In 2004, Jack Ryan became the Republican nominee for an open Senate seat in Illinois. It wasn’t until during the campaign that the proceedings from Ryan’s divorce became public, and contained details of his sex life that did not make him look good.

The scandal forced Ryan to drop out of the Senate race in July, leaving the GOP time to only find token opposition to Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

Obama’s landslide victory in the Senate race helped launch him onto the national stage, allowing him to pull off an upset victory in the 2008 Democratic primary and win the presidential election.

TL;DR- The lackluster writing of Star Trek: Voyager helped pave the way for the Obama presidency.

So by this theory, if Ryan wasn’t cast in Star Trek Voyager, then it stands a chance that her husband Jack Ryan would have become a senator and the US would have been spared the disaster that was the Obama Administration.

But then if Obama wasn’t elected, would we have President Trump right now making America great again? because of cause and effect and all that?

It’s certainly an entertaining theory if nothing else.


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