September 24, 2021

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Video footage proves Alva Johnson’s claim that Trump forcibly kissed her is false

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Video footage proves Alva Johnson's claim that Trump forcibly kissed her is false

A former campaign staffer for Donald Trump in 2016 claims that the then-presidential candidate forcibly kissed her before a rally in Tampa.

According to previous court filings,  “Johnson says Trump ‘moved close enough that she could feel his breath on her skin’ when she ‘suddenly realized … Trump was trying to kiss her on the mouth,’  “Johnson said that she ‘attempted to avoid this by turning her head to the right’ and that ‘Trump kissed her anyways … on the corner of her mouth.’

However, video footage released by Trump’s lawyer proves Johnson’s claims to be false.

In the  video, Alva Johnson tells Donald Trump, “I’ve left my family for eight months for you.” Trump clasps her shoulders and then appears to give her a Hollywood air kiss near her cheek.”Thank you,” he says. Then, as he moves down the line, Johnson says, “We’re gonna get you into the White House. I’ll sleep in February.”

Charles Harde – a lawyer for president Trump – said the video shows Alva Johnson’s suit is “unmeritorious and frivolous.”

“The Video shows that Plaintiff’s allegations in the Complaint that Mr. Trump ‘forcibly’ kissed her, and kissed her ‘on the mouth,’ are entirely false,” Harder wrote in a court filing.

“In watching the Video, the only conclusion a reasonable person could reach is that the exchange was an innocent moment between a dedicated campaign staffer and the candidate for whom she was working.”

Harder said the clip is “undeniable evidence that [Johnson’s] battery claim is unfounded and frivolous by virtue.”

“The only conclusion a reasonable person could reach is that the exchange was an innocent moment between a dedicated campaign staffer and the candidate for whom she was working,” Harder said, adding that the video “proves that Plaintiff has no legitimate claim for battery. It also proves that Plaintiff and her counsel have lied repeatedly to this Court.”

Harder also notes that Johnson kisses “the air next to his face.”


Johnson’s lawyer reckons the video proves their case.

“We are gratified and pleased that we finally have proof what Ms. Johnson has been alleging in this lawsuit,” said Hassan Zavareei, an attorney for Johnson. “It is basically exactly what Ms. Johnson has been saying.”

“She said Trump was holding her by the hands. In fact, he grabbed her by the shoulders. … Other than that, it’s basically identical to what she alleged,” Zavareei said, according to Politico.

“I don’t regard it as innocuous. … Does it look dramatic? No. That does not mean it wasn’t a serious battery. It’s a battery because she didn’t want it to happen. It’s not an appropriate thing to do to another person,” he said.

According to The Washington Post, Johnson was previously registered as a Democrat and said she voted twice for Barack Obama before supporting Donald Trump’s campaign.

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