December 8, 2021

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What if we told you William Barr’s father didn’t hire Jeffrey Epstein and could prove it

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What if we told you William Barr's father didn't hire Jeffrey Epstein and could prove it

The mainstream media is suspiciously trying to make Attorney General William Barr recuse himself from the Jeffrey Epstein case. Their reason? They claim Bill’s father hired and worked with Jeffrey Epstein as a school teacher.

However, that claim is a lie, made up.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell echoed what they are all saying in the mainstream media:

William Barr’s father hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach high school boys and high school girls even though Jeffrey Epstein is not even a college graduate. That is now and was then, unthinkable in a school like Dalton.A year later William Barr’s father abruptly resigned from the Dalton School after the Board of Trustees decided to investigate the way that William Barr’s father was running that school. Not long after that Jeffrey Epstein left the school.



Bill Barr’s father had resigned from Dalton in February 1974, (according to the March 14, 1974 issue of The Daltonian) and Epstein didn’t work there until after the summer of 1974.

The Daily Beast reports:

This is 100% true, we checked.

Donald Barr couldn’t have worked with Jeffrey Epstein at Dalton High School because he wasn’t even there when Epstein worked there. He had resigned months earlier. Epstein was announced as a new hiring long after Barr left.

A little fact the MSM also leaves out is that Peter Branch was immediately appointed the acting headmaster after Donald Barr’s departure and the school lost four math teachers (according to The Daltonian) prior to the 1974-75 school year. The school was desperate to fill those position and hired Epstein clearly out of desperation because he certainly wasn’t qualified.

But the mainstream media isn’t going to let these pesky facts stand in their way are they now.

It’s all about the timelines baby.

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2 thoughts on “What if we told you William Barr’s father didn’t hire Jeffrey Epstein and could prove it

  1. Should be a bit more informative sources than a year book… so and so wasn’t in the yearbook therefor he didn’t work at the high school during that time – the only conclusion that could be made is that Epstein wasn’t in the yearbook… not that he didn’t work there… especially when the article cited contradicts your conclusion but yeah only the MSM jumps to conclusions

  2. You didn’t prove anything. The article you cite says that Barr stayed on until June. Do you hope the people who read this stuff never bother to actually read the “proof”

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