September 19, 2021

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Another hate hoax: Democrat admits man didn’t tell her to go back where she came from

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State Rep. Erica Thomas accused a Cuban American man of telling her  to “go back to where she came from.” But as it turns out, she lied.

Now Erica Thomas is walking back her accusation and has admitted she lied.

Thomas, an African-American Democrat,  was at a Publix grocery store and was checking out at the express lane when Eric Sparkes confronted her about having too many items.

This just adds to the list of hate hoaxes from the left: Covington Catholic, Jussie Smollett, Fake Hijab attack, Fake Church vandalizations and now Erica Thomas.

It never stops.

Anyway, here’s Thomas admitting she made it up:

Erica Thomas is the Georgia State Representative of District 39.


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