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Anthony Weiner moves back in with Huma Abedin

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Anthony Weiner moves back in with Huma Abedin

After doing time for sexting a 15-year-old girl, pedophile Anthony Weiner was seen moving back in with Huma Abedin over the weekend in New York City.

The 54-year-old had been living in a halfway house in the Bronx after his release from prison in February. Soon after he went to prison, Huma and their seven-year-old son Jordan moved to a new apartment.

The disgraced politician did his own moving, using a trolley to roll in boxes, garment bags, a hockey stick, and suitcases.

Abedin filed for divorce the day Weiner entered into a guilty plea for sexting a 15-year-old girl in May 2017. However, Abedin withdrew her request in January, deciding to settle privately.

It’s not clear where Weiner had been staying since leaving a halfway house in May after spending 21 months in custody for the illicit contact with the minor.

Moving back in with Abedin comes weeks after Weiner was seen lunching with a young brunette at a Wall Street brunch spot.

Since being released, Weiner has been touting a book deal and asking for investors for a marijuana business. Within days of being released from prison, he was spotted at a coffee shop in Union Square trying to drum up business.

A source told of the meeting: ‘Weiner was advising the other man on how to approach investors and said, ”Tell them you have this great venture and then be like, I know the perfect guy”.

‘Weiner appeared to be referring to himself and explaining how to get other money on board but conceal his involvement.’

He told one potential investor that the ‘sexual stuff shouldn’t matter’.

That “sexual stuff” he’s referring to is a disgusting text he sent to a 15-year-old girl  which read: ‘I would bust that tight p***y so hard you would leak and limp for a week.’

Since being released from prison in February, he has just spent his days trying to get a book deal.

Sources told The New York Post that there was zero interest in it from publishers.

Weiner must be registered as a level one sex offender for the next 20 years.

Because of his low-level designation, Weiner’s information won’t show up in the state’s online sex offender registry but will be available via a toll-free telephone number.

Many are wondering why they withdrew their divorce case from court and Weiner is moving back in with Huma. One possibility is that Husbands and wives can’t testify against each other.

Also, while investigating Weiner’s sexts, law enforcement agents seized computers from his home including Huma’s.  It revealed that Huma had been using the laptop to work on behalf of Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

The laptop holds compromising materials like an “insurance file” on Hillary Clinton and associates.


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